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tv   News  ABC  May 28, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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are's watching the station that works for you "good going -- you're watching the station that works -- you're watching the station that works for you good morning maryland. >> tropical storm beryl made landfall last night. >> baltimore county needs help finding two suspects connected to a shooting and stabbing. >> and senator chuck schumer wants airlines to change their ways when it comes to seating policies. they want them to better accommodate families. >> look out -- that is live look down in the camera at inner harbor on this monday may 28th memorial day. happy memorial day. thanks to the men and women serving our country and who have served. >> she is megan pringle and i am charley crowson talk about the beautiful warm weather and you know what my wife said yesterday morning and you said. >> what? >> the yard is not going to mow itself. >> get out and do it. >> go to work. >> i like her a lot. good day to mow the lawn early in the morning. but temperatures are going to
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heat up going into the afternoon. let's start with that this morning. as we look at ijamsville around 63 degrees. that humidity is at 96%. dew point 62. the wind are calm right now. and we are looking at 72 degrees right now in ocean city. that humidity is is at 100%. dew point 72. we are looking at some patchy fog this morning. we look at the beach there and we will get busy as we go into the afternoon hours. but, we see a heat advisory. this is the big story for today. we have the heat advisory going into effect at lunchtime and lingers until this evening at 9. and it's for all the areas here shaded in the orange color in maryland. so be prepared for that and drink plenty of fluid heading out and about for today. because it's going to be a hot one. now maryland's most powerful radar is dry as of now. it should stay that way going through the rest of today. but there's a chance for an isolated shower to pop up for you. i will breakdown beryl where it goes in but right now over to
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megan and charley. >> you talked about beryl which is swamping the southeast coastline washing away holiday plans. making landfall in northern florida overnight. >> the wind are down to about 65 miles an hour with higher gusts. but it's expected now to turn everything into the path in one big soggy mess. we have the latest. >> reporter: for residents along the southeast coast, tropical storm beryl crashed the memorial day party. the storm made landfall overnight in northeastern florida, packing 70-mile-per- hour winds. just short of a category one hurricane. it continues to cause heavy rain and winds. meteorologists expect the weather system will dump rain in parts of florida and georgia throughout the day. tens of thousands are already without power from savannah georgia to daytona beach. in jacksonville a. state of emergency. the city's memorial day plans scrapped. >> due to the concerns for public safety we have canceled our memorial ceremony at the
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veterans memorial wall. this storm has the ability to produce localized flooding, downed trees, and downed power lines that can pose a threat to public safety. >> reporter: residents along beryl's path from south of charleston to daytona beach was expected to see a storm surge of to 3 feet 3 to 6 inches of range and gusts up to 65 miles per hour for the winds. >> the waves and winds are picking up. the tide is coming in. >> reporter: there's theish you've rip currents that pull perpendicular to the shore forcing swimers to swim outside the powerful force. they are causing a mess forcing at least 100 rescues along the coast and emptying out beaches during the holiday weekend. >> i am encouraging everyone to stay out of the water. that's very important. ologist think upper level west winds will push b-eryl back out to sea by tomorrow night. that may be too late to save outdoor plans for so many this
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holiday. a former catholic priest removed from the new jersey diocese over sex abuse allegations is now working for the tsa. thomas harkins works as a baggage security manager. tsa officials say he deals largely with luggage not the passengers. they say all of their employees do go through criminal background checks before e hire but because of the case in this circumstance, they are so old criminal charges were not filed. boughtmore -- bolt nor county police are -- baltimore county police are investigating a possible home invasion robbery attempt. officers rolled on the block of aldworth road. a man was found with a gunshot wound and woman stabbed. both were rushed to the hospital. police tell us they were boyfriend and girlfriend and the man is in critical condition. the detectives learned two men forced themselves into the rear of the home and that's where a fight followed. authorities are searching for three men who walked away from a west baltimore halfway
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house. we are told they were serving for drug distribution antwan phraser joseph ryes and emanual rich left the house after midnight saturday setting the alarm off. lady gaga is saying she is devastated the sold out shore in indonesia has been canceled. police refuse to issue a permit amid concerns about security. there were protests by religious groups in indonesia some saying the come iewms and -- costumes and moves are forebid n by islamic law. she says i am sorry for the fans and just as devastated as you if not more." the sold out craved more than 25,000 will -- crowd of more than 25,000 will receive refunds. authorities in los angeles county want to talk to justin bieber after a photographer complained that he was roughed up by the 18-year-old pop star at a shopping center on sunday. the larks county sheriff office says it happened when the photographer tried to snap pictures of bieber and his
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girlfriend selena goe neice does he look like -- gomez. >> does he look like -- -- go ahead. >> no, he doesn't. >> all right. moving on now. sometimes we do forget memorial day is about more than just days off and barbeque. >> absolutely. so sometimes it's children that can help remind us what this day is truly meant to be about. we will take a look at the meaning of memorial day through the eyes of a child. >> also it's supposed to be a spectacular performance honoring the fallen heros in the nation's capital but mother nature messed the whole thing up. >> in the 90s will be back here again this afternoon. but 70s more seasonable weather making a comeback. i will tell you when coming up. ♪ i, i'll bring the fire make you come alive ♪
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♪ i can take you higher what this is, forgot? ♪ ♪ i must now remind you let it rock, let it rock ♪ ♪ let it rock ♪ this time this morning a powerful look at the real meaning of memorial day. >> this case through the eyes of the children who will
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experience it the entire lives. here's david curley. >> reporter: flags adoesn't headstones -- adorn the headstones and ceremonies underway. outward signs of memorial day. >> i love you. you love me. >> reporter: but it's what's inside the young americans which is the true meaning of the remembrance. these are the children of the fallen. >> i just pray. >> reporter: four years ago captain pierson was killed in iraq. leaving four children. >> it's like the whole future that we had planned is all of a sudden gone. it feels like a bad nightmare. >> he was a good person. >> reporter: grieving the piersons come to this event every year since the loss. tragedy assistance program called taps. kaley henderson's father was killed in afghanistan. they shared a love of reptiles. >> we would go and sometimes scar my mom if there was a snake in the backyard. >> reporter: today they wrote notes from kaley, hi, dad, i
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love you. i miss you. another, i really want you to come back to earth. notes, tied to balloons. a simple act with deep meaning for 9-year-old boy. >> 3, 2, 1. >> to help him because he feels closer to his dad he is able to send that message. >> reporter: a little. >> a way to get it there. >> reporter: a little closer to heaven. >> right. right. >> reporter: while we remember on memorial day, they remember every day. david curley, abc news, arlington, virginia. >> texas could be the decider for mitt romney if he wins the pry parry there tomorrow he will secure enough delegates to secure the g op presidential nod. that state has 155 delegates up for grabs and he needs 1144 to secure that party's nomination. coming up in a bit, your abc2 news to go is ahead. >> including details about memorial day ceremony that you can be part of. linda. >> reporter: yeah, remembering
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those here at due lanny valley me -- due lanny valley memorial dulaney valley memorial gardens. also the latest health problem that researchers say can be linked to your waistline. >> and the heat plus the humidity is going to make it feel like it's in the mid-90s today. we will talk about a heat advisory coming up. 3q
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monday morning memorial day. this is your abc2 news to go. >> good morning. we are going to be dealing with the heat advisory that goes in effect at lunchtime today lingers until about 9 this evening. and it's for the areas shaded in the orange color. as you head further off to the north in pennsylvania, well, they have an air quality alert and that's a code orange for york and also lancaster. and then as we head further off towards the east, well, the perchingish colors is is an excessive heat warning for the areas. so again as you head out and about today, you will want to drink plenty of fluid to stay hydrated because we have a very hot day on tap for us once you factor in the humidity levels.
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now, temperatures coming in at 70 right now in centerville. and this is what it looks like at mount airy. a beautiful sunrise. plenty of sunshine going throughout the day. and well, we could be seeing a few thunderstorms popping up isolateded in nature possible as we go into the afternoon. but right now, all is well. all is dry and things look pretty good out there as of now. let's go back over to you guys. >> honoring fallen heros. >> today you are invitedded to pay respects to the men and -- invited to pay respects to the men and women who paid the highest price for freedom. linda so is live to tell us what's going on today. >> reporter: it's the tradition that will carry on as it has in years past. in just a few hours at 10 this morning, about the,000 people will gather here -- about a thousand people will gather here for the annual memorial dayceremony. and it's open to the public. this year, 7 men and women who were killed in the war in iraq
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and afghanistan over the last year will be honored. the ceremony will take place at the circle of the immortals, an area dedicated those killed in action. dignitaries and color guard units from the maryland national guard will be here. and special group of young people will join the ceremony. danielle is a member of the historic elk ridge young marines and this past saturday the group spent five hours here at the cemetery setting up the flags to honor all of the veterans. >> it feels great. when we put the flag down, i remember i read the grave stones because every grave there's story. >> reporter: -- there's a story. >> reporter: ceremonies starts at 10 this morning. it will be held at the circle of the immortals and the public is invitesed. we are live at -- ensighted. lind -- ensighted. >> -- invited, linda so a. about. c2 news.
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24 hour fitness is offering complimentary work out for active and retired military personnel. home depot and lowe's offers 10% off purchases for all veterans with a military id and hooters is offering wings to active and retired personnel throughout the day. several of you have sent in pictures helping us out and saying thank you to those who served our country and are still serving. you can find the photo gallery at amtrak restarted service between washington, d.c. and philadelphia. it was suspended yesterday evening for three hours because of overhead wire problems a spokesperson says they are trying to complete the repairs on wires just north of baltimore. they still may say there are 30 minute delays so keep that in mind. it's a busy summer travel season. new york senator charles schumer wants to use the occasion to ask airlines a favor. he's asking them to allow families to sit together without having to pay extra fees for aisle or window he
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seats. his office says over the past year airlines have started to charge extra for the seats as high as 59 dollars extra for a flight. calling it fee that families that can't pay for it may have to be separated and a child shouldn't end up out of the sight of a parent or next to strangers. aaron says i think that you want the convenience of not having to deal with kids you should pay extra. and chairman writes in saying that's awful for the airlines to do this to families. can you imagine a 2-year-old next to a stranger. we want to hear from you. leave your comments on the wmar facebook fan page. in health news, a new danger linked to being overweight. researchers at the university of california los angeles and the rand corporation found between 20 07 and 2010 the number of people with kidney stones nearly doubled from the rates of 1994. researchers say the findings suggest it's because of the rise in obesity and diabetes in
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america. a study finds a child's friends may play a huge role in how much physical activity they end up getting. vanderbilt university researchers studied 81 kids ages 5 to 12 years old who are enrolled in a 12-week after care program. they found the strongest influence on the amount of time children spent in moderate tovigorous activity was the activity level of the immediate friends. researchers say that the child's activity level can be increased, decreased or stabilized based on the immediate social network. doctors say an active lifestyle starts at very early age. >> you want to start promoting at a very early age. so start you know when they are toddlers make sure they are being active and climbing the stairs and playing outside and they start being active from an early age but promoting it. so giving them the opportunity to engage in the activities and going outside with them and engaging in the activities with them. >> complete findings for the study are in the journal of
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pediatrics. >> -- it's all about maryland. in foxborough massachusetts where the university of maryland the man's lacrosse team will go up against loyola for a shot of the ncaa title. this is loyola's third trip to the finals and you can see that game starting at 1 on espn. adam jones is staying put with the bird. he signed a 6-year 85 1/2 million dollar contract with baltimore. the 26-year-old will be with the team through 2018. his hitting streak is up to 18 games and leads in home runs and rbis on the team. >> i know i will be here in baltimore, a city that is great baseball city. it's coming back but we have to prove to the fans that we are for real and we are slowly doing it. but, i think that this is a big step in that right direction. >> yeah, the o's are coming backand that's what's needed to do to secure jones for the long- term. he lost to the royals yesterday
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afternoon 4-2. they take on toronto tonight at 7:00. a new report out this morning finds the nation has not made any progress in decreasing the number of motorcycle deaths. according to the governor's highway safety association report, there were 4500 motorcycles deaths in the united states last year. the same as 2010. officials say fewer states with helmet laws, alcohol use and speeding contributed to the deaths. senator cardin taking part in a memorial day wreath laying program and parade. at one he will be at the vietnam veterans of man reception. >> this live picture --. the president is scheduled to speak around 11:30. at one the defense secretary will host the vietnam veteran's memorial on the national mall in dc. the memorial day concert in
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department c was canceled after a line of thunderstorms moved through. thousands got to see half the concert because of the storm. they were told to seek shelter immediately. the concert was being broadcast live on pbs. residents along the southeast coast are feeling the impact of tropical storm beryl. it landed and high wind and heavy rain they felt. tropical storm warnings are in effect for the state of georgia and along the coastline as well as parts of florida and south carolina. it's 6:53. let's check our weather with lynette. >> let's talk about b-eryl for a little -- beryl a little longer because it made landfall a little after midnight and is making beneficial rains or put it in portions that need it of the south east georgia and florida. and this is going to be spinning there for a while. they could see flooding over the next couple days. and when it's all said and done they will receive a little over 6 inches of some rainfall. so, again, this is much needed rain across the area.
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so let's look at the positives. now, we look at tropical storm beryl and it has weakened a bit. so it's come in contact with land and that's what happens. winds sustained at 50 miles an hour and it's moving off to the west at 7 miles an hour. it will become a tropical depression and as it works back off into the atlantic, it will restrengthen over the warmer waters. and the good news is it will stay away from us as it goes through time. so we don't have to worry about beryl bringing rain to our area or windy conditions. but as we step outside, ellicott city we are looking at a nice sunrise this morning. we are nice and dry. we are going to get plenty of sunshine in the forecast for today. or even if you head over to bel air dealing with lots of sunshine across the area for today. we could be seeing maybe a couple popup thunderstorms possible but all in all, we have mild temperatures this morning. and that is going translate into hot temperatures as we go into the afternoon mixing with the humidity and we have a heat advisory in effect at lunchtime
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today until about 9 this evening. and it's for all the area here shaded in the orange color. and if you are traveling to the north, be prepared for some air quality alert a code orange there. and also excessive heat warnings you are looking at the perching shadeings. -- pink shadeings. there's a slight chance for a isolated shower to pop. we see dry skies. the best chance for showers will work their way in here tomorrow evening. and it will linger into wednesday morning. and then we will dry out for thursday. but for today, we are looking pretty good. it's going to be hot. that temperature coming in at 90 degrees. but we will feel more like we are in the mid-90s due to the fact we do have the humidity out there. we are looking at cooler weather as we head towards the end of the week. over to you guys. >> all right. a quick reminder if you led to the -- head to the inner harbor and notice a spell. it's algea not the dead fish. it's the algea that happens every once in a while and couple years. and that's what you will be smelling out there. we didn't have that story late and i wanted to remind you.
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>> another thing you are welcome to go to due lanny valley memorial -- dulaney valley memorial guard tones honor the veterans. a big crowd is expected. >> weather is perfect. >> it's perfect for that. we will be nice and dry. >> to the men and women who serve in our armed forces thanks for all you do and for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice you will never r forgotten. as we go away we take you to the sights and sounds of memorial day. have great day. [ playing taps ]
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